Monday, 29 December 2008

The Role of United Nation

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Israeli tanks mass near Gaza as air strike continues and this is most evil situation in the earth that in Gaza innocent people have been killing, we cant see any role of united nation for peace and Justice, Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian land, establishing illegal settlements, and use of force is not condemned by America. But any Palestinian resistance to Israeli illegal occupation is denounced as “terrorism” and is responded by Israel with overwhelming armed attacks. This causes further radicalization of resistance factions in Palestine and elsewhere in the Muslim world. The present United Nations have proved again and again to be a powerful organization working not for justice but for political ends of whichever nation has the greatest lobbying power. The concept of right and wrong has never played a part in the decision-making process of the United Nations in our recent memory nor in the present set up can it play a meaningful role in the future. Politics and diplomacy are too deeply and inextricably rooted in the soil of modern politics to leave any room for absolute justice to take root and be given a fair chance of survival. It is a hard and bitter fact which no man with respect for truth can deny that this great and awesome institution has been reduced to an arena of intricate diplomatic activities lobbying, secret paramours and power struggles all carried out in the name of world peace. Add to Google

Friday, 22 August 2008

The big Conflict between Powers in Pakistan

In Pakistani politics two elements are very important first is Washington and second is Pakistan Army. At this time Washington wishes to be standing with Pakistani Politicians “assembling a coalition’s government in the Name of Democracy”. And wants coalition’s governments do work for its own agenda.

In the Past Washington was close to Pakistan Army. As Washington has a plan to destabilize Pakistan due to its Nuclear Power. Pakistan Army is very committed with Pakistani Nuclear safety and Capability. That is a big hurdle in the way of implementation to the American establishment Plan, now Washington wants to obliterate power of Army and for this they are constantly blaming to I.S.I. because I.S.I is Pakistan’s first line of defense. ISI role is same as other countries Intelligence Agencies playing their role. So you can realize why US, India and other Enemies of Pakistan Blame to ISI. In short word Washington is playing a worse game to destabilize Pakistan.

In last year Bush described to Musharraf “like his brother” during last month when Yousaf Raza Prime minister of Pakistan was in US, Bush said to Yousaf in same way with a Masked smile that ” you are like my brother”, Pakistani Politicians must Understand that it is only a typical dialogue of Washington. US can changes any time color of its Mask but nothing can be changed in its Design. Our Politicians have a big problem in their vision that they are making things underestimate or overestimate they should realize reality in the right way.

I trust Democracy but it’s not a democracy that our Politicians are being utilized in Washington Hands. Our Political parties must impeach against Musharraf for Democracy but not for Washington.
Washington has only two designs against Pakistan firstly to role back Pakistan Nuclear Capability and secondly to divide Pakistan in smaller Units. In present situation our Politicians should understand that they should run Pakistan with a National reconciliation ignoring all prejudices. They should make coalition government for responsibilities sharing not for power sharing, for Pakistan Interest not in US interest. And Pakistani Nation and Leaders should remember and follow the instruction given by the founder Muhammed Ali Jinnah that Is ‘Unity, Faith and Discipline. And should be remember that Pakistani came in to existence by the sincere efforts and struggle of our elders and blessings of God due to the prayers from whole Nation and by The Grace of Almighty Allah ,we should pray from the core of our hearts for its security and safety.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

The Politicis of the Personalities


Add to GoogleIn south Asian Politics, personalities always have important role than issues. Musharraf was incapable to understand this way of Pakistani Politics consequently he has been rated unpopular in Pakistan for his wrong decision against a popular personality by suspending the Chief Justice Mr. Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary and ultimately Musharraf has resigned but issue has not been settled yet. Being the main party leader of coalition Government Mr. Zardari must understand that if he will not restore deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, people of Pakistan will never accept any Judiciary as an independent Judiciary of Pakistan because they believe that restoration of Mr. Iftikar Mohammad Chaudhary is only guarantee of independent Judiciary. I would like to make a strong advice in present prevailing situation to PPP leadership that they should understand and then convey this message to nightmare (outside elements of county) those were involved in suspension of Iftikhar Ch and still they are big obstacle in restoration of Justice Ch. If they want to see good and burly democracy in Pakistan, they must respect will of Pakistani Public i.e. restoration of Justice Iftikhar Ch. without support of people democracy never can grow in any part of the world. Now it’s up to nightmare(US).

Friday, 15 August 2008

The Power Game in Pakistan

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President Pervez Musharraf is rated as the unpopular leader in Pakistan. And the Army would not like to be dragged into political controversies and would like to stay neutral in Pakistani Politics, But wants a safe passage for Musharraf and wants to avoid the humiliation of his impeachment. But in other hand Sharif leader of P.M.L (N) said “no safe exit”. and his spokes man said “It will be in the interest of the country and the nation to make him an example in accordance with the constitution and the law,It’s clear our Army don’t have desire to support Musharraf but they have desired the grant of a “safe exit” to Musharraf but as Sharif said “no safe exit”. to Musharraf .Nation wants that president Musharraf should be quit as soon possible but as our some politician wants to a trial of President Musharraf. we should be understand that Army can stand with Musharraf and democratic processes will be destabilized even Army would not like to be dragged into Political controversies but some politician don’t have wisdom and they are again going to a big conflict between powers. Add to Google

Thursday, 19 June 2008

The poverty and unemployment


As we all are well aware about tyranny of poverty and unemployment that Majority of the third world countries people are constrained to live below the line of poverty. And in third world so-called leaders always being claimant to claim that they are most anthropologists (Human lovers and sympathizers of Nation).But in practice they always fail to prove their claim to be fulfilling and thus the valuable assets of Nation and country are destroyed due to their Royal life styles and intention of looting of these assets. People always pay Taxes for good hope for their hopes of survivals even to have a glass of clean water where as ruling class enjoy the luxuries of life to its peak. It is very pity to note that at the cost of the National exchequer due to their luxuries life they always increase prices of commodities but never try to decrease the expenses of their own luxuries for the interest of Nation. I want to suggest third world countries leadership that if they want to be real patriot, if they wish to win the heart of Nation, and want to solve the real problems of Nation. They must live in simple life that way they can stop the race of making kings life style and become role model for Nation.
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