Thursday, 19 June 2008

The poverty and unemployment


As we all are well aware about tyranny of poverty and unemployment that Majority of the third world countries people are constrained to live below the line of poverty. And in third world so-called leaders always being claimant to claim that they are most anthropologists (Human lovers and sympathizers of Nation).But in practice they always fail to prove their claim to be fulfilling and thus the valuable assets of Nation and country are destroyed due to their Royal life styles and intention of looting of these assets. People always pay Taxes for good hope for their hopes of survivals even to have a glass of clean water where as ruling class enjoy the luxuries of life to its peak. It is very pity to note that at the cost of the National exchequer due to their luxuries life they always increase prices of commodities but never try to decrease the expenses of their own luxuries for the interest of Nation. I want to suggest third world countries leadership that if they want to be real patriot, if they wish to win the heart of Nation, and want to solve the real problems of Nation. They must live in simple life that way they can stop the race of making kings life style and become role model for Nation.
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