Friday, 22 May 2009

Pakistan, Terrorism and Conspiracy theory

The Sawat valley is known, as a Paradise on the Earth, as Switzerland of the Asia, as an attractive and peaceful Land of world tourists but now it’s a Place of Terrorists. The people of Sawat, who are known as lovely host for the world tourist, as helping to others with food and Shelter, displaced in their own land (homeless) and seeking from the world to help for food, shelter and the Peace. Here is no doubt that the world powers are making a sense to give them help with food and possible shelter but they are nothing doing for peace. The People of Sawat need help for peace in their Valley and they know when peace will come back in their Valley it would again become a Paradise on the earth and the contended people living in Paradise, they never need help from others except God. If world Powers are really honest to help the Sawat people, then they should find out those elements which are providing money and modern Weapons to Terrorists, because no body can believe, who has sense, and want to make peace that the terrorists can have a long fight, with out any bigger support, against a very professional Army of the world.
The world powers are constantly playing a blame game on Pakistan that Pakistani government should “do more” against those terrorists. But once now a huge operation has been launched against terrorists. We can see out side elements, which want to destabilize Pakistan and want to role back Pakistan’s nuclear Capability, don’t draw back their support to terrorists. The Evil powers are playing a worse game through “conspiracy theory” inside Pakistan, with all kind of support to terrorists, for prolonging Military operation in Sawat valley. In the end of the worse game, they want to prove that Pakistan is a failed state and not capable to destroy terrorists and those Terrorists now are very powerful and can have hold of Pakistani nuclear Capability, so they are going for a big operation inside Pakistan in the name of world Peace.
Therefore, it is now the duty of the United Nation, to sit down and find a solution to stop all kind of support to terrorist in Pakistan, with out it, terrorism can never bring to an end in Pakistan.

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Friday, 1 May 2009

The Lobbyist, Power and Media

Add to GooglePolitics is a game of power, in this game visible Players are Politicians but invisibly “the power” is being exercised by the secret power-Lobbies. In fact the influential group is playing secretly the game of power all over the world. If you would look up to the sea you can never get the access to the reality exists in the power of sea, unless and until one does not dive into the depth of sea,” as for access to the understanding reality, Titanic was destroyed due to invisible  factors under the sea. Because the navigators underestimated the volume of glacier under the sea which was bigger than over the sea. That same theory of power exists in Politics. Politicians are always elected by the people but mostly top Politicians are selected and planted by the secret lobbies.
It has been seen that after becoming as a ruler the politicians could never be able to bring Major changes in any policy but only they play blame game on former ruler by following same former Major policies. In same way power-Lobbies are influential upon the policy of opposition parties, and opposition leaders very well know that they never come in government with out underhand deals with them. If any leader wants to be influential on their Policies and tries to be most popular among People thus he is made vanished from the Ground of Politics and then the alternate is planted as new face. In short power-Lobbies have influence on right and left wing and have entire control on ground of Politics with their own umpires.
America is a world power and its president is always considered most influential Person of the world but in reality Washington politicians very well know that the true masters are secret power-lobbies.As for an example American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is most influential lobbying group that Advocates for pro-Israel policies to the Congress, White House, political parties and has influence on American foreign policy, Israel/Zionist Establishment is not only up to such extent AIPAC its also has influence in other American Lobbies. But it does not mean that Israeli runs all American affairs. American Capitalist lobby and American Establishment have marvelous influence over the American Policies.
That all Lobbies control the outcome" of many decisions from the White House, the Senate, and the media.Now let look into the role of Media and how those lobbies control media for their own outcome. Media is a most powerful entity, influential in shaping the world conduct and outlook that is to tell us what to think. “The role as well as the responsibility of the media is to provide authentic Data and avoid Sensationalism. But infect Media Major networks are primarily controlled by giant corporations that are obligated by law, which was considered monopolistic. Many Journalists are on payroll of those lobbies. The lobbies are using them to help evaluate information, to plant misinformation, shaping and misshaping the images of the world that is also to use to build images for their favorite Personalities and bad images for the disliked for their own interest and design.
As per reference “in late 40's, the CIA began a secret project called Operation Mockingbird with the intent of buying influence behind the scenes at major media outlets and putting reporters on the CIA payroll, which has proven to be a stunning ongoing success” (publisher of The Washington Post). In addition to that a book published by Edward Abboud’s “Invisible Enemy” explains how Israel, in a new kind of war, extracts $5 billion to $12 billion a year from the United States. In chapters two and three on conspiracy and propaganda are scholarly/theoretical, and will be heavy reading for many people.Thereafter Abboud, a student of advertising and propaganda techniques, really gets rolling in chapters on the mass media, television and cinema, American society, the U.S. government and religious wars/ancient hatreds.Abode’s “old” warfare in Invisible is the classic conquest of one nation by another to gain control of the conquered nation’s resources. The new Israel/Zionist war is a propaganda war, conducted by a foreign nation and its all-too-willing co-conspirators in the United States for the same purpose: to control, by well-focused and broad-based propaganda, billions in American taxpayers’ money annually transferred to Israel. It has been proven in the past that it is (Media Trial) used to malicious propaganda to create Sensationalism by a strong lobby.
History has witnessed the malicious propaganda by the media regarding that Iraq had hidden chemical weapons and would use them against the mankind and in this way media made a misperception and miscommunication to the World. But world has seen that nothing was proven as media reported against Iraq, and as a matter of fact the thing which was not reported by the media is that the plans were designed only for the domination of oil reservoirs.
To justify continuation of war operation in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Media is making Harassment by threats from Osama while couple of years lapsed but in fact no fresh video emerged about Osama to the American’s and whole world. No one knows whether Osama is live or dead! But media still wants to make him live, for the sake of avoiding from questioning by the American people about taxing and causing the heavy expenditure in the War.(U.S Department of Defense budget, a nearly 74-percent increase over 2001, U.S Military budget is 54 percent and non- military is 46 percent)
 International media is constantly putting down Islam, bringing its own opinion for people to misperceive about the teaching of Islam. In fact there is no doubt that Islam means the religion of peace. “That no form of terror or any violence is sanctioned in Islam”. Islam preaches mutual respect for all religions and beliefs. The professionals of Media communication should recognize their responsibility which is supposed to be accurate, trustworthy, and inform to the world about the truth with proper investigation. In that way media can play a leading role in establishing the world Peace.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

The Game of Politics in Asia

U.S has signed an agreement with Tajikistan to allow transit of cargo through their territory to Afghanistan. The United States would be sending supplies to its troops stationed in Afghanistan through a route via Tajikistan. The new “northern route” utilizes a complex rail network through many different countries, (passing by Russia, through the Georgian port) taking longer and costing more than the Pakistani route. Russia already has been agreed “on a commercial basis" with NATO for this route in addition to that India made keenly efforts for the US to signed that alternate supply route.
In my point of view U.S changed its Strategy in Pakistan and now wants to “do more” violence In Pakistan with Drone attacks. In past few years American Drone constantly stroking to the North West Pakistan, during the Drone attacks most of the innocents were lost their lives and thousands of people have migrated to safer zones due to the on going tension. More then a dozen Drone attacks have been carried out so far which suffer public lives and properties their, US claiming “that attacks taking place due to those elements which have provided a stronghold for the Afghan Taliban and a sanctuary for al-Qaeda” .Even Pakistan Express reports so many time to US “that such attacks are counter-productive. They involve collateral damage and they are not helpful in our efforts to win hearts and minds.” And it’s as undermining the country's sovereignty”. Inside story is different that we have been never heard that any big leader of militant killed in those attacks, even that all area is under control of (US) Satellite and nothing hidden there. US purposely attacks on innocent people there due to creating more aggression in Pakistan US is very well aware that Drone attacks strategy is increasing and supporting to terrorists in Pakistan and causing more violence if this activist attitude continues for giving reason to do violence in Pakistan causing killings of more people there and mostly suicide bomb blast taking place because of that. Extremists always express that they are doing violence in Pakistan because of those Drone attacks. I know you must be thinking that why U.S wants violence in Pakistan?
The world power has now first objective in Toto to have control of Pakistan because it is a gateway for the Central Asian states in addition to that central Asian states are hub of Natural resources. So easy to understand why U.S wants to control over Pakistan? Pakistan is a Nuclear Power state. USA and other Pakistani enemies are very well aware that it is very difficult to control Pakistan by conduct of External military operations due to an atomic power state. US and other out side elements are playing vicious game of creating internal mortal threats to the Pakistan through funding and supporting with weapons to extremists, for proving to the world that Pakistan is not a responsible country as an atomic power so its nuclear arsenal can fall into the hands of the extremists, due to this Pakistan should role back its nuclear weapons capability. In past few years many countries have become near and dear to U.S which are directly involved in violence in Pakistan as India and Russia. U.S involved in terrorism in Pakistan as a proof the report tells as follows,
“The audit by the Government Accountability office (America) Feb 2009 Tens of thousands of assault rifles and other firearms in Afghanistan are at risk of being stolen because U.S. officials have lost track of them, according to a congressionally ordered audit that warns that some weapons may already be in Taliban hands. The report said. Many of the weapons, supplied between 2004 and 2008, were left in the care of Afghan-run military depots with a history of desertion, theft and sub-par security systems that sometimes consist of a wooden door and a padlock. “In Fact that weapons are not stolen it’s distributed to militants In Pakistan. If it is not so then why it is not reported before in any world forum by US government?
In addition to that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who acknowledged that the United States too had a share in creating the problem that plagues Pakistan today; US created Taliban and abandoned Pakistan. In an appearance before a subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee on 23-04-2009, Mrs. Clinton admits “how the militancy in Pakistan was linked to the US-backed proxy war against the Soviets in Afghanistan”. May be in future US will admit that how present militancy in Pakistan was linked to the US, and they can put any reason, can justify any design change. Because they believe that they are born for rule over the world and no any Nation can dare to argue with them.
The other Flank of this transit deal that Washington and Moscow are old enemies; Russia has also tensions with West. So can we perceive that the world old enemy’s relations have now been improved? The Russian foreign policy always has been disputed regarding that is it Western orientation or is it Eastern orientation? Now it’s getting U-turn from America due to its entering in world trade market and India is playing a big role between both countries for good relations. So are old enemies now forever friend?
In fact America making new deals in Asia for a big War with the play of “to divide and rule”. Asia is the world's largest and most populous continent approximately 4.1 billion people, it takes up 60.3% of the world's current Human population, In Asia china always wants to maintain Asian regional security due to its economic stability, because only the peace is guarantee of economic stability .So always was willingly to make a triangular alliance between itself, Russia and India but U.S.A think tank and establishment always have been scared that triangular alliance can be challenge to USA's supremacy in the world. So that is why the US establishment has been creating conflicts consistently in Asia. After the Russian fall down, India and china both keenly in a struggle for their influence in the Asian region and Pakistan is always supporting to china in that struggle. In addition that game of power in Asia U.S gets advantage of becoming India as Asian tiger to complete this greedy dream of India and US rapidly changed its foreign policy towards India. U.S administration has recently lifted restrictions for arms deliveries to India and approved an agreement of nuclear cooperation and USA wants to engage India with NATO and India is very willing for this. US Is only favoring India to step down China for its own motive due to increasing China’s economic growth and supremacy of Trade in international market and US is afraid that now china is capable to capture world Trade market and its supremacy can be in danger.
So U.S objective is to destroy china Economy because it’s very dangerous for American supremacy in world.After world war II Asian and western Economy badly collapsed and due to this world power shifted first time to other Continent of the world, and now again china is emerging with full energy due to its strong economic growth. As US is very well aware that only indulging with wars in Asia china’s Economy can be surely collapsed and thus US easily could get its designs.So now you can understand in Asia a power game has started to capture world economy and to dominate natural resources of Asia. It is fear that in view of the direction in which things are moving today, the political and economic dynamics of the countries of the world may lead to World war… Therefore, it is the duty of the world powers “to sit down and find a solution to save humanity from the brink of disaster.” The only way to avert further hostilities and disputes was for all Governments to act justly with their own people and in their dealings with other countries.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

World Powers and Economic Policies

World powers are claiming that their Economic policies are a guarantee of Economic stability in the world. And they are helping to strengthen bad Economy of the weak countries with their financial Aid Program; No doubt they make the sense that they are helping to them by giving them financial Aid. But in true sense World. Diplomacy is based on ” give and take” (give less and take more).In world Diplomacy no country is ready to give other at the cost of its own interest, In fact that finical Aid program is based on an Idiom” Tune your music in favor of your bread giver.”That they believe they could rule the world because they possess the most advanced technologies (science, food, weapons, medicine) and other nations would forever be dependent on Bread Giver for their existence. At the cost of their own interest they are supposed to be insincere to give benefit of technology other than food because their hegemony might not cease. that powers are only helping those weak nations to provide food along with partial technology to those who admit their Hegemony and can tune their music in favor of Bread giver and threaten to those who don’t obey they could be victim of food starvation..

That greed of ruling the world making their own country economy now worst, inflation is raising, Jobless rates are increasing and stocks are decreasing due to their huge military budget. “Since the year 2001 US (department of defense) budget a nearly 74-percent increase to fight a so called war against Terrorism. US military spending accounts for 48 percent, its near to almost half of the world military budget, its military spending is 5.8 times more then china 10.2 times more than Russia and 98.6 more then Iran . The US and its strong allies (NATO) countries military budget is 72 percent of the world total defense budget. US military budget is 54 percent and Non-military budget is 46 percent.”In view of above data that a huge military Expenditure by world powers so you can see under the mask a real face of those powers who are the big claimers of world economic stability. I would like to ask the world power oh let make us understand, is it a new Economic Revolutions theory? That The World Economics Experts are Expending huge amount for military (Wars), and Expending less amount for (Peace) and the welfare of human being.

In fact that all military budget amounts are collected from the taxes by those people who are against the wars. But they can’t do anything except making protest because all Humanity is at the mercy of the Emperor mind Policies all over the world and they consider all humanity as their Subjects. The Powers are claiming that they are the only a guarantee of human rights but they have discrimination in their state of mind in dealing with the humanity. Even in their own country humanity is also being oppressed due to discrimination attitude among elite and commons. They believe that they are born for rule over the world but they should know prior to them so many cruel powers (like Pharaoh) had been making to be possessor as lord of the world for ruling; but in true sense we must know that “Only the God is Lord of all the worlds” and no body can dare to be possessor as Lord of the world.
The world powers should learn lesson from the history that man is mortal and only God is immortal. They should lead life For God-Seeker; they should love for humanity with kindness in their hearts and tolerance for other belief with out any prejudice. God created the world only for peace not for fuss. And a true peace can only come with justice as “Justice is mother of The Peace” and justice can never come with discriminatory behavior and wealth discrimination among human being. So the big powers should reduce their huge Military budget for the welfare of humanity and true Peace.

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Saturday, 11 April 2009

The Game of Globel Politics

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Global Politics is the process which makes decisions by powerful groups in the World. In fact, Politics is a game of power and it is a great art to prolong ruling and to rule the world. The game of global politics that the mighty play to hold their influence over the weak Nations and the global affairs of the world to seek a writ that “might is right”.
In international politics, diplomacy and economic relationships know no justice other than that which serves the national interest.
The Big powers have been claiming that they are working against cruelty to humans because of its deep sense of "humanity and high moral values". And if it did not intervene - it claims - then humanity would disappear from the face of the earth, and there would not remain any guarantee of peace for any poor and weak country in the world. If such sentiments are genuine, then why not apply these same values at home and relinquish the Red Indian land in their favors and return to your own old country which was your ancestral land?
America is a big claimer for freedom and democracy, but why the same time supports world’s worst authoritarian dictators and oppressive governments in past like Pakistan and Iran (King)?
America attacked on Iraq to dominate a region that is rich in oil, but the U.S. government claimed that Iraq was a threat to the United States on the pretext that Iraq could begin to use its alleged Weapons of Mass Destruction to aid terrorist groups. After attack is its claim proven?
Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian land, establishing illegal settlements, and use of force is not condemned by America, America is known as providing financial help in support of the military strength of Israel to maintain its illegal occupation of Palestinian lands, why America’s attitude toward Israel is different?
If you say that all to them, they will reply: What are you talking about? Have you lost your mind? Obviously, one cannot argue with this `it-was- another-matter' attitude,
So you can say them “Yes” you are right, it’s a dual standard based Diplomacy that “no justice other than that which serves the national interest”. Add to Google

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The greed to Capture Natural Resources by powers may lead to third world War

Add to GoogleI believe in peace and peace is my religion. But U.S.A is not redefining its Political Strategies for peace; in fact many powers have been active in the region, adding that threats had increased due to the natural resources of Central Asian states and Pakistan’s location (Balochistan and North -West Frontier Province). Consequently, grand strategy has been playing through conspiracy theory in this region in view of the Natural resources the greed to Capture Natural Resources by the powers involved in a cold war. Military operations in Afghanistan have been divided between two chains of command, one under NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Atlantic Alliance and one an independent American channel. NATO is a military alliance, called Allies in fact “Axis state of mind” have been playing role in past causing instability of economy and peace and have a wish of malicious designs to capture the world economy. Organizational logic would put the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) in charge, but practical strategic logic has made the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), established in 1983 under the operational control of the U.S secretary of Defense. Its area of responsibility is in the Middle East including Egypt, and Central Asia. CENTCOM has been the main American presence in many military operations, including the Gulf War, the United States’ war in Afghanistan and the Iraq War. Forces from CENTCOM currently are deployed primarily in Iraq and Afghanistan in combat roles and have bases in Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Pakistan, and central Asia in support roles. CENTCOM forces have also been deployed in Jordan and Saudi Arabia in the past, although no substantial forces are based in those countries as of 2005. In the light of the Area of responsibilities, we can understand easily why CENTCOM is keenly interested due to only availability of Natural resources enriched in these areas. That is why the great conflict divided the world today. It is feared that in view of the direction in which things are moving today, the political and economic dynamics of the countries of the world may lead to third World war. We must pray with deep feelings and good intentions, may GOD Almighty shower his blessing on the World Let us pray for Peace and for love , if we really have love in our hearts for others, then we should desire for them the same good things we desire for ourselves O, Lord! Guide us along the right path, the path of those whom Thou has bestowed Thy blessings (Ameen)

Our GOD Almighty We need to have love for humanity, kindness in our hearts for others, a charitable disposition, humility, honesty, a thirst for knowledge and when acquired, a desire to share it, and a constant desire to strive in the cause of GOD Almighty by doing good and avoiding that which is bad.( Ameen)