Monday, 29 December 2008

The Role of United Nation

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Israeli tanks mass near Gaza as air strike continues and this is most evil situation in the earth that in Gaza innocent people have been killing, we cant see any role of united nation for peace and Justice, Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian land, establishing illegal settlements, and use of force is not condemned by America. But any Palestinian resistance to Israeli illegal occupation is denounced as “terrorism” and is responded by Israel with overwhelming armed attacks. This causes further radicalization of resistance factions in Palestine and elsewhere in the Muslim world. The present United Nations have proved again and again to be a powerful organization working not for justice but for political ends of whichever nation has the greatest lobbying power. The concept of right and wrong has never played a part in the decision-making process of the United Nations in our recent memory nor in the present set up can it play a meaningful role in the future. Politics and diplomacy are too deeply and inextricably rooted in the soil of modern politics to leave any room for absolute justice to take root and be given a fair chance of survival. It is a hard and bitter fact which no man with respect for truth can deny that this great and awesome institution has been reduced to an arena of intricate diplomatic activities lobbying, secret paramours and power struggles all carried out in the name of world peace. Add to Google