Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Set Your"s National’s Goals

Add to GoogleWhat are National goals for any government? It is very important quotation to analyze any government competency and efficiency. In a democratic form of government, constitution has divided the power of government in three branches, Legislature, Executives and Judiciary The legislative authority has to make law, the executive authority carries them out, and the judiciary explains and applies the law in an impartial and independent way.
After restoration of an Independent Judiciary and 18th Amendment in constitution which empowered the executive and Legislature. And Pakistani constitution gets a form of democracy to run a government in a democratic way. We all know that Democratic system is running in all developed countries in the world, therefore Pakistani Nation was also hoping that now our government will be able to deliver and we will look a big change inside Pakistan which is indeed. But unfortunately when time comes to a good change and deliver, again a conflict has been started between Executive authority and Judiciary. Judiciary is claiming that executive authorities are not implementing their decisions and other side executives are claiming that judiciary is making partial and selective decisions.
It’s a matter of disappointing for people of Pakistan because no one even mostly Media persons are not highlighting the real issues of Pakistan that people are badly suffering with inflation, unemployment and due to this, they are going to be below the poverty line. Pakistan in a cold war and terrorist are attacking inside country which shakes the confidence of foreign investors in Pakistan. Huge energy crises making people life hard and due to this, economy is collapsing badly.
Our Political leadership and all government branches don’t want to acknowledge these real issues even then they are making new crises. We can perceive clearly that uncertain situation is weakening the country, politically and economically and in upcoming days these conflicts can go to a big turmoil in the politics of Pakistan I would like to say to all of them; You all are playing the Ugly games of greed and Powers, and in these games, you all will be loser, your immature and irresponsible behavior is showing that you don’t have capability and skills to deliver constructively for country. We are unable to see your National goals to make Pakistan a great Pakistan as our great leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah desired. You know that how one can play with good words (a game of lips service) but don’t have professional’s tools to put your words in Practices.
I don’t want to go in any hotchpotch which created by you in this country. But as a patriotic Pakistani, it is my duty to convey you a reality that in heart of Pakistani people, you will be no more heroes as you are betraying. You all are playing a fire game, and in this way you can burn the country. And history will never forgive all of you. So if you want to become a hero in history, please sacrifice your own interests on country’s Interests and set your National’s goals which can make a great Pakistan in the world map.